Helper's self-care, by Yang Pei

Self Care of Volunteer Worker – Speaker: Professor Pei Yang

Time: November 1st (Sun.) 9 a.m. –12 p.m.

Location: 7th Floor Lecture Hall

Topic: Self Care of Volunteer Worker

Speaker: Professor Pei Yang

Every time when a catastrophe happens, many helping workers or volunteers cannot wait to go to the disaster area to help or assist the victims to go through the traumatic period whether they have been affected physically, mentally or materially.  But whether they are helping workers or sympathetic volunteers, they often cannot relieve themselves from the compassionate mood with the victims after the helping work ends.

Even on a daily basis, volunteers in religious groups or in charitable organisations may excessively invest in their work, and have a similar traumatic experience as their victims.  Situations like these deter many people from humanitarian work.

Prof. Pei Yang has been working in social organisations as a psychological counselor focusing on spiritual renewal.  She has helped many humanitarian workers of the 921 earthquake, the Sichuan earthquake, the 88 flood to walk out of the shadow of trauma.  This speech is brought to those volunteers who are dedicated to caring and helping; it introduces important concepts and methods of self care, in order to cultivate strong and stable volunteers who are able to take care of themselves physically and mentally during their disaster relief and care work.