Launch of the new Dharma Drum University website

After more than a year of planning and preparation, on July 15, 2010, the long-awaited DDU-related informationwill be formally released on the new website, providingthe public with complete and comprehensive information.

DDU’s website includes the overall development of the university, as well as the related degree programs of each school. It encompasses understanding the mission of DDU, its founders, its principles,the major events, Degui College, as well as understanding DDU's overall features. The life at the Degui Academy demonstrates DDU’s teaching style through an environmental and practical approach, and the sustainable campus shows the idea and performance of a green campus. Library-related business includes the opening of the Degui and Hsichih branchand shows the characteristics of each branch.

Under Admission Information one can find the related information of the first year of the four master programs through the individual web pages of each school.  They describe the first year preparatory admission program and the comprehensive future development of each school, in order to provide future study reference for the candidates who are interested in joining DDU.

The Dharma Drum University website address is http://www.ddc.edu.tw/. Welcome to visit the website and to offer us your suggestions.  Welook forward to your participation, so that together we can create an educational experience befitting a Pure Land on Earth.