PureLand@movie studio

What attracts you to see a movie in a theater?
Superstars? Audio/video entertainment? Meaningful and touching plots? A dream that you can’t realize in a whole lifetime?
Or, put aside the expectation to satisfy sensory and perceptual demands, just simply read a good story. While you’re stopping to see and listen, you feel that your heart has been touched and opened; Would you like to go to such a date?

Movie sessions

Oct. 2 (Sat) The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Instructor -- Dr. Aries Gu,  School of Life and Living
Discussion -- individual self-exploration, career exploration, interpersonal relationships, the meaning and the value of life

Nov. 6 (Sat) Black Gold 
Instructor --Dr. Cheng-Chung Wu,  School of Philanthropy
Discussion -- globalization, fair trade, entrepreneurial social responsibilities

Dec 11 (Sat)  The Age of Stupid
Instructor -- Dr. Neng-Chou Shang, National Taiwan University,
Discussion -- climate change, global warming, energy conservation and carbon reduction

Jan 8 (Sat) Little Nicholas
Instructor -- Dr. Ming-Min Chiu, School of Arts and Culture
Discussion -- parent-child relationship, social group management, positive thinking about life, viewing the world with a childlike heart

Time : Oct 2, 2010 - Jan 8, 2011, 13:00~17:00

Venue : Dharma Drum Degui Academy, R715 and R614

Target audience : People aged 18 ~35 are preferred

Fees : Free; sponsorship and donations are welcome

Registration : internet or phone registration, maximum class size : 80 attendees

Contact number (02)2191-1020 ext. 3010

Hosts:Dharma-Drum Mountain Buddhist FoundationDharma Drum University

Administrators:Dharma Drum Young Buddhists SocietyDharma Drum University